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Why we put Namella together to make life easier for you, the business owner.

A Message from our CEO


We’ve definitely Ruffled Some Feathers at the Big Agencies Since we started in 2012. But fortunately for you, the cat’s out of the bag.


We have now proven (over 1000 times this year) that New Business Owners can now Get a Killer Name, Domain, and Logo without spending thousands of dollars or months on BS conference calls and in waste-of-time ‘creative strategy’ meetings.


We've proved that all a great new brand name really takes is your input, an experienced creative team, and a couple of days.


We started as a group of marketing pros who saw how much $$$ the big agencies were charging for lackluster results and we wanted to change that. Good branding in the form of a name, domain, and logo are practically required to have success in today’s incredibly competitive environment. Basically, with Namella we wanted to give a fighting chance for the little guy.


Currently we have a team of eight experienced business branders who use a combination of branding know-how, advanced research tools, and a dash of creativity to come up with catchy, memorable names in just about every industry. You name it, we’ve named it. 


Our office is in beautiful Costa Mesa California is surrounded by some of the biggest names in finance, marketing, and consulting, and while we may not be as big as some of those heavy hitters we sure do pride ourselves on providing tender, loving, care to each and every one of our customers.


Being small business owners ourselves we know how difficult it can be to go it alone and start your own business- it takes some real courage. What we hope is that we can make one important part of the entrepreneurial process that much easier. We want more than anything that each and every one of our clients gets to experience the incredible rewards of owning a successful, profitable, and of course well-named business.


I wish you great success with your business and sincerely hope that Namella can help you achieve all your business goals (and hopefully even more!) Click Here to Get Started!


Warmest Regards,

Kyle Armstrong

Chief Executive Officer

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